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DBS Update Service

February 12th, 2014

DBS update service

You can subscribe to the Update Service when you next apply for a DBS check, and you may never need to apply for another one again.
What is the DBS Update Service?
For a small annual subscription of just £13 (free for volunteers) you can have your DBS Certificate kept up-to-date and take it with you from role to role, within the same workforce, where the same type and level of check is required.
By subscribing to the new service you could save yourself a lot of time and money depending upon how many DBS checks you have needed in the past.
How do you access the Update Service?
You can subscribe to the Update Service online at
Ask the person who submits your application for the application form reference number so you can subscribe to the Update Service when you apply for your DBS check.
If you wait to subscribe with your DBS Certificate number you must use it within 14 days of the resulting DBS Certificate issue date.

Form number F00……………………..

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