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Nanny travel insurance – the key points

July 20th, 2015

Travel insurance for nannies
The Association of Nanny Agencies recently took part in a web forum discussion regarding Families taking a Nanny on Holiday with them.
The subject of travel insurance arose, and a discussion ensued about Families who take their nanny to the USA.
Morton Michel, the specialists with particular expertise within the area of Nanny Insurance were consulted and the following comments were covered
Their travel insurance covers the nannies who are taken on holiday with their families, and are working abroad. If that’s in Europe, then of course there’s no issue.
But what happens when the nanny is being taken to the USA, where anyone working has to have a green card?
Morton Michel’s definitive answer was: “Nannies travelling to America with a non- American family require a B-1 visa to enter the country, providing they have the correct visa there should be no issue with our travel insurance.
Morton Michel nanny policy covers nannies working abroad anywhere in the world, outside of the EU, for a maximum period of 90 days in any one period of insurance. Provided that the children being looked after are the children the nanny is employed to look after in the UK, and at least one parent of the minded child is on the trip. The nanny must also have her own separate travel insurance in force for the complete duration of the trip.”
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Happy SUMMER Holiday ideas

July 3rd, 2015

Top 10 messy summer activities
1. Give the soft toys a bath
2. Paint with ice crayons
3. Improvise a mud kitchen
4. Make ‘potions’ with grass and flowers
5. Finger, hand, foot, knee, tummy painting on a huge sheet of paper outside
6. Tie-dye a white t-shirt
7. Try large scale splatter painting
8. Throw wet sponges at targets
9. Make a shaving cream slide – it’s like a water slide, but messier
10. Water pistol painting!

Top 10 summer days out
1. Go to the zoo
2. Go to a water park, outdoor swimming pool or lido
3. Go to the beach
4. Go to a botanical garden
5. Go to a ‘pick your own’
6. Go to a real castle
7. Go to the cinema
8. Go to a theme park
9. Play crazy golf
10. Take a trip on a train

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