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July 12th, 2017


5 Fun EASY PEASY and inexpensive ideas for children’s activities:

  • Making cards
    Make cards for forthcoming birthdays/Christmas and any other special occasions. Children can create their own unique designs or do finger/hand printing (perfect for party invitations).
  • Lining paper drawing
    Lay some lining paper out and ask your child to lay down, draw around them and then ask them to paint themselves; they can also do hand prints with paintbrushes, sponges and other arty materials – brilliant fun.
  • Posters
    On rainy days sit them down with old magazines and get them to cut out pictures and make a creative poster. Mis-matching heads with different bodies will add a humorous touch and they could decorate their finished article with glitter and sticky stars.
  • Papier mache animals
    Mix some water and paper with glue for extra gloop and create little animal sculptures, towers or miniature cars. Once dried your child can put it on their shelf or make something special for a friend or family member.
  • Make butterflies/hanging mobiles
    Set card, tissue paper, glitter and stickers out on a table and help your child create their own butterfly, bird or animal. You can use strong card or wire for the frame and hang it in their room once it’s finished.

Don’t forget to tidy up.


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